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Blow :iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 22 3
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Leslie's Blowup II: Truth and Consequences :iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 52 37
A Night of Spectacles: Danger and Opportunity
It would have brought Prince Thorne great delight to have apprehended Shannah Darkmoon, but the risk was too great. The Pegasus Guard had successfully rescued Lady Belinda from her flight, but her predicament wasn’t nearly as perilous. Shannah was enormous, her body so filled with the energy of the Voluptaas sand that she was glowing. Both the Prince and Baron Hughes were convinced that she would burst; they didn’t want the Guardsmen anywhere near her when she did.
But there was no explosion heard that night. In days following, tales of a floating orb illuminating the night skies made their way back to the castle. Each night the light grew dimmer and the sightings were farther and farther east.
Prince Thorne was worried that the magic might be fading and that Darkmoon might return to earth. His alchemists reassured him that this wasn’t the case. If recovering from the sand were simply a matter of waiting, then Belinda would have shrinking as well. Shannah’s ligh
:iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 14 10
The table was clear a moment ago. When Lexi looked up from her reading and saw her nemesis, she didn’t hesitate.
“Die! Die! Die!” Lexi repeatedly brought the rolled magazine down on the dark smear that had once been a spider.
The commotion drew Tara to the living room. “Another one?”
“I think I got him.” Lexi slumped back on the couch, panting. The bubbling in her belly faded. She lifted up her tank top; she was visibly bloated but her quick reaction had limited the damage.
Tara sat down next to her and placed a hand Lexi’s exposed stomach.
“Everything alright?“
“I’m fine,” she replied. “But it looks like my spider-repelling spell didn’t work. We’ve had even more of them since I cast it.”
“Do you think it might have backfired?” Tara asked. She immediately regretted it. “No wait, that’s silly, that couldn’t have happened, ha ha ha, funny right?” she s
:iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 17 6
Mature content
Donna's New Look, Part 3: Reversals of Fortune :iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 11 12
Virtuality: Blown Away
Ariel laid limp in the lifeguard’s arms as he emerged from the waves and laid her down on the sand. She wasn’t moving.
“This is Chuck, reporting in,” the lifeguard said. “I’ve rescued the subject. Checking vital signs.”
Carmen looked on, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Chuck leaned over Ariel to listen for signs of breathing, and her eyes opened. She kissed him on the cheek.
“Thanks, Chuck,” she said. “A pleasure, as always.”
“Subject is stable and healthy,” Chuck said, standing. “I’m returning to my post.” Chuck turned and jogged back to the lifeguard stand.
“You’re lucky this isn’t a real beach,” Carmen said as she helped Ariel to her feet. “Otherwise you would have been kicked out a long time ago for distracting the lifeguards.”
“Come on, it’s not like I’m keeping them from saving lives,” Ariel said dismissively. “No
:iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 59 11
A Poor Choice of Words
"Superior Lace Underwire, this is Suzie."
"Hello, I'm trying to procure some unmentionables for my wife, but I'm not even sure if it's feasible given her unusual requirements.  I'm wondering if you could help."
"Custom lingerie is our specialty."
"Excellent. By the way, I've always thought the name was devilishly clever."
"To be honest, I never cared for it. Over the top if you ask me."
"Shouldn't that be under?"
"You're pretty clever yourself."
"I can't help it, it runs in the family."
"I see. Well, I'll need your wife's measurements to get a rough idea of what we're dealing with. Do you know them offhand?
"Actually I've written them on my hand, right here."
"More cleverness?"
"More irony than anything else, I think. I wasn't even trying."
"I'll still need those numbers."
"You see, that's where we have a problem. My wife's measurements are quite extraordinary."
"You're a lucky man."
"Indeed, when I count my blessings I never forget to include my Holly's ample bosom as one of
:iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 51 8
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Proof :iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 33 16
The Laws of Body Inflation 1.2
Law of Pneumatic Economy:  Compressed gasses are so cheap as to be practically free.  Various people and organizations who have no particular reason to keep tanks of compressed gas around do so just in case they're needed someday.
Law of Containment Durability:  Devices which are designed to contain or convey compressed gasses (tanks, hoses, pumps, etc) are made from highly durable materials and engineered to a level suitable for high-end aerospace applications.  As such, they will never fail even when under extreme stress and operating well outside of their design specifications.
Law of Excess Capacity: Because compressed gasses are free and the tanks are nigh indestructible, it's fairly routine for a vessel to contain a quantity of gas that's far greater than what's required for its intended purpose. You'll often find a blimp's worth of helium in a tank used for filling party balloons.
Law of Pneumatic Control Fragility:  Knobs, valve
:iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 88 27
Andrea strolled about in her camisole singing softly to herself as she merrily tossed rose petals across the floor.  Eric would be home soon, and her skin tingled at the thought of cavorting with him among the fragrant petals.
Suddenly an arm reached around her waist.  Andrea squeaked girlishly.  It wouldn't be the first time Eric had surprised her from behind.  Confusion, then fear flashed through her mind as a chemical-soaked cloth was brought to her face and something pressed against her navel.  Her vision blurred, and a surge of pressure ballooned within her; her bosom billowed forward, her arms grew plump and turgid.  Black lace tightened about her swelling torso, the sharp staccato of popping seams growing dull as she faded into unconsciousness.
When Andrea awoke, she was huge, round and immobile.  The hose attached to her navel stretched to an air tank near the front door.  A piece of twine connected
:iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 61 9
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Stress :iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 105 17
Mature content
A Night of Spectacles :iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 40 19
Mature content
What Constitutes an Ingredient :iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 22 8
Leslie's Blowup
Roger often referred to Leslie as a "living contradiction." She had an outlandishly outgoing and unabashed personality that was far too large for a woman who seemed so delicate and petite in every other way. Her bright, playful smile and twinkling blue eyes only served to add to her air of impishness. Her oversized attitude had been the second thing that had drawn Roger to her; he’d always had a thing for redheads.
Roger had first met her through his old buddy Harry. Harry and his girlfriend Belinda were planning a surprise birthday party and had invited just about everyone they knew. Leslie was a friend of Belinda’s.
When Roger walked in, Leslie was showing off how well she could blow up balloons. Much to the embarrassment of several men she’d goaded into competing with her, she was easily outpacing everyone. They all watched in disbelief as she picked up one of the brightly colored balloons and blew it up with ease. She took in a deep breath, and it almost looked as
:iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 229 10
Mature content
Expanding Horizons, Part 4 :iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 12 4
Expanding Horizons, Part 3
Muscle and bone, heart and lungs, what a cumbersome way to construct a life form. Namunk chided himself for such thoughts almost as quickly as they occurred to him. His training had taught him better than that. If his people had learned nothing else from a hundred generations of exploration, it was that the universe had a certain order to it, and even the most bizarre life had an elegance that often wasn't apparent at first. Even the children of Araphon had their roots in embarrassingly humble ancestors. And if Namunk and his kind could rise up from such lowly beginnings, who knew what these humans could become, given time? All of this seemingly pointless complexity had to serve some purpose. And stranded or not, Namunk was an Explorer, and it was his duty and privilege to discover. Fortunately, his probes were functioning without mishap. Although they hadn't scattered very far yet, he was sure they would eventually provide data as valuable as what he was gathering here.
:iconluthervkane:LutherVKane 13 5

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Huff... Huff...
Huff... Huff...
By the Strigoii
Derek pressed his back against the bedroom door that had been slammed in his face no more than a few moments ago.  He'd apologized to Analise too many times over the phone and she deserved to hear this one in person.
On the far side of the door, Derek could hear Analise opening and slamming drawers.  He really hadn't wanted to do this, really he didn't.  If only that asshole, Frye, had kept his mouth shut.
"Why'd you have to take that damn promotion?" Analise shouted from beyond the doorway.  Her breath began to come in sobbing huffs.
"I took it because I want to marry you," Derek replied, "That promotion allowed me to by you your engagement ring with a single paycheck."
"Three months," she cried out between huffs, "We haven't had a date in three months because you took that stupid promotion.  Nine times, nine times you've canceled on me and all because of that stupid job."
"It's not the job this time."
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 29 2
Drawing Hands by Majnouna Drawing Hands :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 13,273 923


TL;DR: I had to take the site down due to issues. It'll be back online once real life demands permit it.

Extended version:

On March 28, Drupal announced a critical vulnerability in the Drupal CMS affecting all versions from Drupal 6 onward. I decided that the prudent course of action was to take the site offline until I could patch it.

Unfortunately, I've been woefully inattentive in updating my server for some time now. Getting the software fully updated will require that I put in the work I've been putting off. Real life demands have been quite demanding, and I won't be able to perform the updates until things ease up a bit. I expect to have everything sorted out in the next week or two, once I get a free afternoon.
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I didn't create the image that's in the header of That's the work of Big Horse. He offered to make it for me after I announced that I was working on a site revamp years ago. I told him that I'd like a stylized image of someone experiencing full body inflation and we went back and forth with a few different versions before settling on this one.

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